EIS Spectrum Analyser

(analysis and simulation of impedance spectra)

EIS Spectrum Analyser program user interface Circuit parameters. Constraints and results Frequency response: Nyquist and Bode plots Equivalent circuit Settings and statistics of the model

EIS Spectrum Analyser is a standalone program for analysis and simulation of impedance spectra. The analyser routine is based on algorithms of the PDEIS spectrometer. In the original (potentiodynamic) version the impedance data analysis is applied on a 3D spectrum and gives dependences of the ac response components on electrode potential. This standalone program has been adapted to solve a wide range of tasks in the common (stationary) impedance spectroscopy. In addition to data fitting to equivalent circuits with resistors, capacitors, inductors, constant phase, Warburg (3 types), user-defined and Gerischer elements, the EIS Spectrum Analyser provides various tests for data consistency and quality of fit. It has also a built-in impedance spectra simulation routine, tools for impedance data processing (subtraction of circuit elements and subcircuits, normalisation for electrode surface area) and plotting in various formats. The program is free for noncommercial use.

EIS Spectrum Analyser manual

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