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EIS Spectrum Analyser Help

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File / Open data file

Select File / Open data file in the menu or click  button in the toolbar. An impedance spectrum in Nyquist coordinate system (real part of impedance vs. imaginary part of impedance, ReZ vs. ImZ) will appear in Impedance Spectra plot. Opening a new file replaces the previously loaded data. Use Graph submenu to switch between Nyquist to Bode plots.

Data file structure

The following data file structure for impedance spectra is presently supported:

ReZ1 -ImZ1 Freq1

ReZn -ImZn Freqn

n is the number of points in the impedance spectrum, ReZ - real part of impedance (Ohm), ImZ - imaginary part of impedance (Ohm) (ImZ is stored multiplied by -1), Freq - Frequency (Hz). The data are stored in descending frequency order, each point of the spectrum in a separate line.

File / Open Project

Opens an EISSA project (a file with eis extension, which stores impedance data and the status of all panels). Using this option you may resume your saved unfinished work on a spectrum.

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